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Post  Ar-jai on Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:41 pm

All right, so, my name's Ar-Jai (Are-Jay), i was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. hmm my dad was Russian and German XD promise he's not out to take over the world OR nuke America XDXD my mom was Danish, i started LARPing in fifth grade so... 'bout ten years ago XDXD then switched to literate RPing in 7th grade. i've tried image RPs but... they bug me, XD i'm too much of a perfectionist to do them well.
All of my characters have something based on me, only people who know me well can see them though XD. I prefer to play with realistic characters, keeping track of superpowers, races and all that shnazzy stuff.... gives me a headache XD. Last time i counted i have more that 50 characters, most of them have been built on, most have their own past and personality. I'm male, but I'd be willing to play as a girl if it makes the plot more interesting. not sure what else to add to this so... YAY

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