GO TIGERS!!(High School. open to anyone)

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GO TIGERS!!(High School. open to anyone)

Post  Ar-jai on Sat Jun 19, 2010 1:40 am

'Kay xD jus' tryin' out a character i just came up with, i've started to realize that all of my girl characters are a bit alike, i wanna break that so... yeah~ here we go Razz hope you guys like her Smile... i hope -i- like her XDXD

Dominica sat alone at a lunch table, watching the people come and go when she turned a page of her novel, or felt the need to look up to get a sense of reality and time. She didn't want to be late to class, she hated being in the spotlight and coming into a class-full of people would be exactly that--the spotlight.

She was almost afraid of the people she saw around her--sure, they hadn't done anything to her yet... but it was still early in her freshman year of High School. She didn't know anyone, and didn't really think she wanted to know anyone.

She turned her attention back to her book, keeping her face in a relaxed, emotionless mask. Emotion also got attention. On the inside however, behind the mask, she was crying over her favorite character's death, how could the writer do that?! Why kill -him-?! Ugh!

Dominica put the book down, a bookmark holding her page. She sipped some chocolate milk--the only thing she'd bought for lunch- and looked at the won cover. How many times had she read the book? Sen? Twenty? She didn't know.

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